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Winnie's Picks

Winnie's Picks Paint By Numbers Kit - Peach Butterfly in the Summer

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Peach Butterfly in the Summer is a beautiful, delicate piece of artwork that captures the essence of summer’s nature perfectly. There is nothing more captivating than watching a butterfly taking a short rest on the delicate petals of a flower, before continuing his journey towards the horizon.

Whenever peach trees bloom in summer, the air is filled with a sweet, enticing fragrance, and this painting evokes just that. For many people, childhood was filled with such small moments, when they would simply admire the flowers and insects, without worrying about day-to-day life.

On top of the dark green background, two beautiful, freshly bloomed orange flowers can be seen, as well as a small, fragile butterfly flying nearby looking for nectar. Both the butterfly and the peach flowers are painted in bright, vivid orange, and are depicted in a soft, elegant way, contrasting with the dark background. The color palette is very simple, yet truly brings to life the elegance of summer flowers.

Seeing such a small-scale depiction of nature in full bloom makes one really think about how small we are, evoking a strong feeling of freedom. Not only that, but the fragility of the peach flowers and the butterfly brings a touch of elegance to the painting.

This beginner DIY paint by numbers art kit will bring a piece of nature into your home, illustrating the elegance and softness of summer peach flowers. The art kit is made especially easy so that even the most inexperienced artists can give it a try and paint beautiful flowers and butterflies.

Size: 16 x 20 inches

Includes: Acrylic paint set, pre-printed canvas, paintbrushes, instructions and chart.