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Winnie's Picks

Winnie's Picks Paint By Numbers Kit - Poppies, Claude Monet

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Truly one of Claude Monet’s most meaningful pieces is his artwork called Poppies. It shows a beautiful landscape of a field full of vibrant poppies under a bright day with clear blue skies of what seems to be in the countryside. In Claude Monet's paint by numbers, you will also see a woman and a child walking through the field of green grass. In the foreground, you'll find another one lowering her umbrella.

The vibrant flowers spread across the field and trees gracing on the background with a single red-roofed house and the gradient of colors in the painting gives a realistic yet a sense of abstraction to this visual impression.

This late summer 19's century scenery in the French Normandy produces a feeling of languishing afternoons and easy happiness. What's best to relax your mind than to take a stroll in the flower fields or do a piece of paint by numbers?

Claude Monet is a French painter who initiated the Impressionist Style, a radical art movement that aims to create modern art that captures the movement and light of what’s happening right before their eyes. Monet likes to paint with broken colors to achieve the changes in lighting and weather in the atmosphere. It took him years of practice to create a remarkable degree of abstraction with the right colors and brush strokes. Nature was one of his inspirations to create a glimpse of the different gardens and landscapes he was in. The results of his work are indeed a classic reminder of history.

Size: 15 x 20 inches

Includes: Acrylic paint set, pre-printed canvas, paintbrushes, instructions and chart.