Wood Burning Workshop @ Brissonte 1/13 6-9pm

Enjoy a night out creating custom hand burnt charcuterie boards
Thursday, January 13th 6-9pm
Burn Baby Burn! Enjoy a fun night out burning your own custom design on a beautiful, high quality charcuterie board or cutting board. We have designed the evening so that you have time to relax and enjoy time with friends, make new friends and burn your board. You really will have a great time and excited to show of your work!

No artist ability required. Really! We will walk you through every step and have made the process very easy to follow. You will truly be amazed in the final product that you created and will be proud to display or give as a gift.

How do I sign up?
January 13th Workshop
(follow instructions on page)

*No custom orders accepted for this event (custom logo's, family crest, etc. anything other than the designs offered) email me directly at kim@resin8withme.com to place an order.
*Complimentary bottled water & chocolate available during workshop